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Agile Procurement

In a rapidly shifting global economy companies need to be able to adapt to changes in order to reduce risk and take advantage of opportunities.

To be agile means to be able to think, understand, and move quickly and easily. 

An agile supply chain is capable of responding to the changing demands of the customer intelligently and efficiently, whether this be related to new product innovations or unpredictable order volumes. The focus of an agile supply chain is short order lead times and quick customer response times. 

In many organisations external service providers are often treated as suppliers instead of partners, resulting in opportunities they can potentially bring to the purchasing process not being recognised. In evolving and complex environments it will become a significant competitive advantage for companies to have easy access to a worldwide ecosystem of trusted partners.


Outsourcing is often seen as a cost-saving option as costs are low in comparison to employee costs. However, the interaction costs for dealing with external vendors must be included in the total cost of outsourcing and they can significantly close the cost gap between this option and others. 

In an outsourcing situation, customer and supplier relationships are often more complex and require additional checks and balances to be managed effectively. 

In response to this, and in addition to the more traditional approach to tactical sourcing, we can also offer a more 'in-sourced' experience by becoming an integral part of the buying process tailored to your specific needs. 

Our extensive supplier network and global expertise can be directly 'plugged in' to your existing procurement resources, offering significant strategic advantages to your business. Transparent pricing and agreed 'cost-plus' options can also offer significant cost reduction and greatly improve overall visibility of your MRO spend.  

Supplier Consolidation

Does your business struggle to maintain visibility over expenditure due to multiple suppliers? A single-source supplier will be able to help you concentrate on the small number of suppliers who will likely account for 80% of your expenditure, while we manage the remainder on your behalf. 

By dealing with fewer suppliers, the billing process will be simplified, control and visibility over your company’s purchasing function will be increased and orders will be easier to manage and track. This will result in less of your time and administration dealing with multiple orders, deliveries and invoices – leaving your team to focus on your core business activities.

Our services guarantee fast and efficient handling of all your planned maintenance activities, industrial equipment replacement and stock management requirements.

We have an extensive network of qualified suppliers and industrial automation distributors allowing us to quickly search throughout the global markets for your exact requirements.

We offer tailored shipping solutions to ensure quick and cost effective delivery. Shipping arrangements can be made via your own courier, drop shipped either to you or direct to your end user or we can offer shipping via our own FedEx, UPS or DHL services.

Orders can be processed in the currency that best suits your business. We support GBP, EUR and USD payments and in addition offer multiple payment methods including bank transfer, Paypal and credit card.

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